Why does a 'simple plan change' take over 24 hours?

I've had a plan for over 2 years and discovered I could change my plan to a better one and save money. I had a $35/month 500 min talk, unlimited text and data. Verizon has just recently come out with a $30/month unlimited everything plan. I decided to change since it it better and cheaper. But it must be a gimmick since I changed the plan and paid the $30 and now have no service! I've called customer service 3 times. 1st call told 20 min for it to work. Went to bed, in the morning still no service. Call 2 told 2 hours. Wait 3 1/2 hours call back told 24 hours, from original time. So I had less than 12 hours to wait. Called back 4 times and told couldn't be connected to support all 4 times. Then husband calls to find that hours are only till 9 pm, but I called before that! So now over 24 hours later I still have no phone and have to wait another 12 hours all for a simple plan change. What a deceiving advertisement!

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