Will Verizon carry the Lumina 950 and 950XL?
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This close to the release dates of the Microsoft phones - Lumina 950 and 950XL - someone has to know if Verizon is going to carry it.

Verizon support - are you going to carry this phone ?  If not, then I need to change my carrier.


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If Verizon does not carry the Lumia 950 or 950XL, I will also move my five lines to a different carrier

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I've been a customer longer than the Verizon name has existed.  Verizon has been unabashedly hostel toward Microsoft phones and with good reason; it's all about the money.  Why even consider a phone OS with less than 3% market share.  Why invest the time support?

The answer is also money.  Working professionals that have seem continuum will pay the premium to be on the best network.

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I'm with the original poster:  if Verizon wants to keep me and my family as customers, they'll offer the 950 and  950 XL.

It is a money issue, sure, but the cost to support a smaller market share phone is significantly and proportionally lower too.  Sure there is a base cost to support but honestly it can't cost that much.

And just how big is 3% market share?  And why would you not want a piece of that action?

I'm not sure what the answers are to these questions, but I'm not happy with Verizon's half-hearted efforts to support this 3rd phone platform.

Personally, I've seen real benefits out of Windows 10 and think the overall Windows/Microsoft strategy of a single OS is a really good one.  I'm seeing the goodness of that already without it being on this latest generation of phones or tablets.

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Because you have to carry it to get above 3% market share....

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All I know is I am leaving Verizon if they don't carry it. I am tired of apples shenanigans and the fandroid sucks.

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There's a good percentage of us folks that want the 950 and 950 XL, particularly the 950 XL.  The issue here is that the Verizon Support folks here can't answer if VZW will or will not carry the devices.  VZW is very tight lipped about what devices they are and are not going to carry and that decision sits at the executive level and doesn't filter down unless there's a press release or some announcement.  So your posts proclaiming you're leaving if you don't get the device is just telling the rest of us Lumia loves your stance and not the executives.  It's in every ones best bet is to reach out the VZW Leadership,

http://www.verizonwireless.com/aboutus/leadership/executive.html and express your love for the 950's

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primortal, Thank you for the link.  Just sent David Small a note regarding my interest.  It may be more important to do that then post on these forums.  The techs here may as well be bots, so who knows how much info gets pushed upstream.

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I sent a letter to an executive. We will see what good comes from it.

I'll post the reply if i get one.

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Yeah, I'm with you.  I'll be switching carriers if they don't carry the 950xl.  I am so tired of them doing this.  How hard would it be to just CARRY the device.  Not even promote it or anything.  Just sell the phone.  I have 6 lines on my account that will all be on ATT if they don't.  I hope the reconsider and will just let the phone be purchased. 

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Agree. My contract is up and I was waiting for the announcement yesterday from Microsoft to see more details about the Lumia 950 XL. At this point I am all in. If Verizon does not offer it I'm gone.

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I certainly hope that MS and Verizon strike a deal to provide the Lumia 950/950XL on Verizon or that it will work unlocked on the Verizon network.  I compared the networks and bands specified for the Lumia 735 on Verizon and the 950/950XL both have everything the 735 is reported to have (ala the MS store and Phone Arena).  But the lack of CDMA per se seems to indicate that they will not work on Verizon's 3G network even if it will on the 4G LTE.

As for updates, I think you can get updates via the Windows Insider program to get around the carrier's slow distribution.

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New phones are always exciting DonJones1963. At this time we do not have any information reagarding the Lumina 950 or 950XL.  You may register for alerts on new products and services by clicking,  http://bit.ly/dDumph Please know that we certainly do not want to lose you. What exactly about this device intrest you? Have you checked out our remaining device line up? http://vz.to/1zM6Nl9

Thank You,


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Verizon Wireless Customer Support wrote:

New phones are always exciting DonJones1963. At this time we do not have any information reagarding the Lumina 950 or 950XL.  You may register for alerts on new products and services by clicking,  http://bit.ly/dDumph Please know that we certainly do not want to lose you. What exactly about this device intrest you? Have you checked out our remaining device line up? http://vz.to/1zM6Nl9

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Have you seen this phone.  5.7" screen, Continuum, Liquid Cooling, Dual Antenna.  And runs the best Phone OS that is out what is not to love.  As Far as looking at your other lineup, it is littered with IOS and Fandroid, Neither interest me in the slightest.

Please bring these and other windows phones to your lineup and "Support and PUSH Them" in your stores.  I will not hesitate to take my lines to the competitors who have already said that they will support it.

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Hmm VZW has no problems announcing they are carrying a phone that has a lower market share than Windows Phone; the Blackberry PRIV.  Granted the PRIV is now running Android...


Source: IDC: Smartphone OS Market Share 2015, 2014, 2013, and 2012

Verizon News on Twitter: "PRIV™ by BlackBerry. The first-ever BlackBerry powered by Android. Coming ...

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This is a very good question. I have been asking myself that same question

for a while now so I will respond with the answer that I have given to

myself. First, thank you for monitoring this forum and then second for

responding to this thread. It is nice to know that Verizon is listening to

its customers.

"What exactly about this device intrest you?"

First off let me way that I am a big believer in open source and Google. I

also give great respect to Apple for what they have done to improve mobile

technology. In my family we have MacBook Pros, Iphones, Ipads and a slew of

Android devices such as Moto X, Nexus 9, Galaxy S6, etc... I have resisted

Microsoft for many years for many reasons that I won't go into here.

However, we do have 4 windows computers at home as well.

So why would I ever want a Windows Phone?

For me this is a 3 part answer:

1. Help simplify my life with one OS across all devices. I am in

Android one minute, them on my Mac, then on Windows and go back and forth

all day long because there are parts of each that I like best. My life is

complicated enough and having to learn and use different OS's has become

senseless. However, still worthwhile until now when I recently installed

Win 10 and thought "wholly crap, this is good." I think it is a game

changer so I have decided that I want it on all of my devices. As Microsoft

said in their presentation I want it in my pocket as well.

2. *More consistent user experience across the business and personal

worlds.* It seems that no matter how hard I try to avoid Microsoft there

is always something that Microsoft has that provides me with a better

experience. For example, my most used piece of software is offered on

Windows only. Or, I go to send someone a google doc and view it in Word

first to make sure it looks correct, as I know the person I am sending it

to uses Windows and MS Office. And sure enough if there is any enhanced

formatting there will be issues. I then have to correct them in Word and

then send it. Wasted time. I have a number of these type of issues that

have caused me to just give in and go with what works best in most cases,

across all different types of situations, which is Mircrosoft.

3. The Lumia 950 feature set. Look, all flagship phones are pretty

much awesome today. However, I want a removable battery, I want extendable

storage, I want the ability to use the phone with a monitor and keyboard

occasionally and I want more apps and info on my home screen. I am in cloud

computing so I believe in storing everything in the cloud. However, I also

have the experience that viewing video and pictures from the cloud is

nowhere near the quality experience as when they are local on the device.

With my Moto X I am constantly deleting and managing my storage and it

drives me crazy. I am done! With the 950 or 950 XL I can have up to an

additional 200 gig of storage? and have it automatically in the cloud as

well for back up? Heck ya, I am in. Then I am sick of scrolling through

pages of apps trying to find the one I want. With WP I can fit pretty much

everything I need on the home screen making one click access to my apps and

info. And last, there is nothing left out on this phone, it has everything,

literally. And it is lighter than iPhone and other flagship Android

devices. I guess there is one thing and that is, at this point, apps.

However, Microsoft knows this and they have the money to fix it and it

appears they are throwing muscle behind solving the problem.

On Thu, Oct 8, 2015 at 7:11 AM, Verizon Wireless Customer Support <

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Agreed.  I have been a Verizon customer for over 15 years.  I have been waiting anxiously for the new Windows10 phones.  I have been holding off replacing my iPhone 4C waiting for the newest Lumia phones.  I was shocked to see that Verizon has not announced that they will carry the phones.  If they don't change their minds I will have to switch to AT&T (3 lines).  I hate to have to do that since Verizon has much better coverage in my area.  But I have a Windows10 PC, Windows10 Surface Pro, and I now want a Windows10 phone so I can have a standard platform and get Apply out of my life.


I have never wanted, nor will I ever use, an iPhone or Android phone. I will go back to a basic flip phone before ever submitting to Apple or Google. I caught a lot of crap back in the day because I used an old flip phone on Sprint for the longest time. I went from that to my first smartphone in the form of a Moto Q9c on Windows Mobile 6. Made the switch to Verizon to get an HTC Trophy on the new and improved WP7 operating system. When wandering into a Verizon store to play with the phone in person, the rep had no idea what I was talking about and immediately tried to sell me an iPhone, to which I politely said "no thanks." I grabbed a tablet that they had on display, looked the phone up on the VZW website, and checked the in-store availability. They only had one.. somewhere in the back of the store, wasn't even on display. I showed it to the rep and he was like "never seen that before," so I had him bring it out so I could play with it. He was completely blown away that someone asked for something that wasn't in iPhone or a Droid. The look on his face was like I was a doctor telling him that he has cancer. He finally found the Trophy in the back & brought it out. He and I sat there and I explained the phone and features and he was completely blown away, wow. The reps in the VZW stores today remain as clueless about the WP ecosystem as they were back in the days of WM6 & WP7. They still have absolutely no desire to push the WP platform, even when they carry it, because iPhones & Droids are easy sales (and of course we're all just 15 year old girls who just want to FaceTime our BFF's.) I now have the Lumia Icon on WP8.1 (which is an astonishing piece of hardware,) that I upgraded online because the in-store experience is so absolutely dreadful, but VZW discontinued it less than or about ONE YEAR after I bought it, both online and in-store. So how exactly are my jealous friends and colleagues supposed to get their own Lumia Icon Super-phone Extraordinaire? Clearly, they have no interest in helping grow the MS/Nokia platform.

So +1, I'm with the original poster. If VZW doesn't get it together and get on board with making WP a major player, my lines and I are moving on. Simple as that.

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I have not been happy with the apple iPhone nor android devices.  I am really happy with the Lumia 928 and really want to have the new Lumia 950XL.  The 5.7" screen, continuum, dual antenna, 20 MP camera, and much more.  Plus the Windows 10 OS.  Going to be one of the best phones I could use.  I hate AT&T, they screwed my family and our account that is why we switched to Verizon.  Please bring this phone into your collection. 


They will not. It has been said for a long while now. MS limited it to AT&T for the short term and have long term plans. 950/XL by the sounds of it is nothing more than a Windows 10 showcase device until MS gets their branding phone out (rumored Surface Phone). So short term is showcasing and long term will be the big push of the surface name.

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Actually, Microsoft said that the 950 only was going to be available through AT&T.  But that the 950XL would be available through the Microsoft store.