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Re: Will Verizon carry the Lumina 950 and 950XL?

I am with you guys as well, if Verizon does not carry the Lumia 950 & 950 XL I will be taking our service to a carrier that does.  I have been a loyal Verizon customer for a long time and this would be very disappointing.

Re: Re: Will Verizon carry the Lumina 950 and 950XL?

Because you have to carry it to get above 3% market share....

Re: Re: Will Verizon carry the Lumina 950 and 950XL?

All I know is I am leaving Verizon if they don't carry it. I am tired of apples shenanigans and the fandroid sucks.

Re: Will Verizon carry the Lumina 950 and 950XL?

Typical anti windows phone response from support above, I want their flag ship phones, I have been waiting for the release.  I do not want "android" or "apple".  I know the numbers but if you have used a lumia 900 series phone you would know it is simple the best phone on the market.  I will be switching to ATT if Verizon does not carry them.  The good network isn't that much better and it's not worth the negativity towards windows phones.... you call and they try to shift you way to an android or apple phone, you go into a store and it's the same.  Honeslty like I need some 12 year old boy telling me which phone is better.  I did the research I use the product and to be honest I can't imagine using something else.  My 928 is as good today as the day I bought it.  

Re: Will Verizon carry the Lumina 950 and 950XL?

I started looking at AT&T's and T-Mobile's pricing today. I love Verizon's coverage, but I LOVE Windows Phone more. I won't let Verizon force me into two OS options that lack the innovation that has gotten me excited about Windows in the last few years.

My next phone WILL be a Lumia 950 or the XL (need to hold each in my hand first...) so if Verizon doesn't carry, my two lines will be walking.

Re: Will Verizon carry the Lumina 950 and 950XL?

This is a very good question. I have been asking myself that same question

for a while now so I will respond with the answer that I have given to

myself. First, thank you for monitoring this forum and then second for

responding to this thread. It is nice to know that Verizon is listening to

its customers.

"What exactly about this device intrest you?"

First off let me way that I am a big believer in open source and Google. I

also give great respect to Apple for what they have done to improve mobile

technology. In my family we have MacBook Pros, Iphones, Ipads and a slew of

Android devices such as Moto X, Nexus 9, Galaxy S6, etc... I have resisted

Microsoft for many years for many reasons that I won't go into here.

However, we do have 4 windows computers at home as well.

So why would I ever want a Windows Phone?

For me this is a 3 part answer:

1. Help simplify my life with one OS across all devices. I am in

Android one minute, them on my Mac, then on Windows and go back and forth

all day long because there are parts of each that I like best. My life is

complicated enough and having to learn and use different OS's has become

senseless. However, still worthwhile until now when I recently installed

Win 10 and thought "wholly crap, this is good." I think it is a game

changer so I have decided that I want it on all of my devices. As Microsoft

said in their presentation I want it in my pocket as well.

2. *More consistent user experience across the business and personal

worlds.* It seems that no matter how hard I try to avoid Microsoft there

is always something that Microsoft has that provides me with a better

experience. For example, my most used piece of software is offered on

Windows only. Or, I go to send someone a google doc and view it in Word

first to make sure it looks correct, as I know the person I am sending it

to uses Windows and MS Office. And sure enough if there is any enhanced

formatting there will be issues. I then have to correct them in Word and

then send it. Wasted time. I have a number of these type of issues that

have caused me to just give in and go with what works best in most cases,

across all different types of situations, which is Mircrosoft.

3. The Lumia 950 feature set. Look, all flagship phones are pretty

much awesome today. However, I want a removable battery, I want extendable

storage, I want the ability to use the phone with a monitor and keyboard

occasionally and I want more apps and info on my home screen. I am in cloud

computing so I believe in storing everything in the cloud. However, I also

have the experience that viewing video and pictures from the cloud is

nowhere near the quality experience as when they are local on the device.

With my Moto X I am constantly deleting and managing my storage and it

drives me crazy. I am done! With the 950 or 950 XL I can have up to an

additional 200 gig of storage? and have it automatically in the cloud as

well for back up? Heck ya, I am in. Then I am sick of scrolling through

pages of apps trying to find the one I want. With WP I can fit pretty much

everything I need on the home screen making one click access to my apps and

info. And last, there is nothing left out on this phone, it has everything,

literally. And it is lighter than iPhone and other flagship Android

devices. I guess there is one thing and that is, at this point, apps.

However, Microsoft knows this and they have the money to fix it and it

appears they are throwing muscle behind solving the problem.

On Thu, Oct 8, 2015 at 7:11 AM, Verizon Wireless Customer Support <

Re: Will Verizon carry the Lumina 950 and 950XL?

Agreed.  I have been a Verizon customer for over 15 years.  I have been waiting anxiously for the new Windows10 phones.  I have been holding off replacing my iPhone 4C waiting for the newest Lumia phones.  I was shocked to see that Verizon has not announced that they will carry the phones.  If they don't change their minds I will have to switch to AT&T (3 lines).  I hate to have to do that since Verizon has much better coverage in my area.  But I have a Windows10 PC, Windows10 Surface Pro, and I now want a Windows10 phone so I can have a standard platform and get Apply out of my life.

Re: Will Verizon carry the Lumina 950 and 950XL?

I will be taking my 5 lines to ATT or T-Mobile if Verizon chooses to play favorites with their devices.  I use a 928 now and the 950XL is perfect for me.

I don't think it's because of the 3% market share, that's still big money.  My guess is that Apple is tugging their (VZW) leash.  Verizon was kept out of the original iPhone release for a couple years and that is probably still a factor at play here.

I look forward to the day all carriers are out of the hardware market.  These exclusive deals only benefit the providers at the expense of the customers.  Sure, there may be worse scenarios, but I'll take my chances with greater competition any day.

Re: Will Verizon carry the Lumina 950 and 950XL?

I too have been a very satisfied Verizon customer for fifteen + years.  My most recent two-year agreement ended one year ago.  I have not purchase a new replacement because I've been waiting a whole year for the new MS flagship phone.  Now that it (Lumia 950/950XL) is out, I am ready to purchase.  However, if Verizon does not carry it, I will regrettably take my three lines to a competitor.

I have been extremely pleased with my HTC 8X, and the Windows OS.  I have a MS Surface Pro 3, which is in sync with my personal workstation, which is in sync with my Windows phone.  A GREAT CONCEPT, and it's here now.  I want to continue this with the Lumia 950XL.

Re: Will Verizon carry the Lumina 950 and 950XL?

So I started this post back on the 6th.   As many of you, my contract with Verizon ended a few months back, but I had decided to wait until the new Win 10 phones were released, thinking Verizon would carry it.  As a person that works with Microsoft based networks, I wanted a Microsoft Windows phone to integrate with Office365 and Windows 10.  It is hear now, but the largest carrier in the country is not going to carry it from what I have read and heard.   So once ATT starts to carry the phone, I will be going to ATT. 

Verizon - I am just dump-founded that you all just dismiss your customers request.   I know Windows phone business is small now, but I believe Win10 phone is a much different phone and has huge implications for business users and those that see what is coming.

Thanks to everyone for responding and please continue to do so.