Window Phone 8 Navigation "Issue"
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To the point: Are you blocking all other navigation apps but your own VZ Navigator for the $2.00/month rate?

I have been on the WP platform for a few years (other carrier) and purchased a few navigation apps. I can use them, but they don't work in the way I have been accustomed to.

For example, addresses in the people hub or from a bing search that have addresses.... they use to open my navigation app in the normal expected way.

Now when I try to "get directions" from the WP device natively, I am forced to "download an app for that" and THE ONLY OPTION is VZ NAVIGATOR. My other GPS navigation apps are not even seen.

Please explain this to me.

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Re: Window Phone 8 Navigation "Issue"
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Did you ever get an answer to this question??  I don't think VZW wants to answer this.  BTW, the iPhone does not act this way on Verizon.  Hmmm...