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Windows Phone Backers Declare Mobile War
Contributor - Level 2

While CNN is notorious for trying to make news stories out of "nothing" - I think they may have a big fish on the line with this one!

Looks like Microsoft, AT&T, and Nokia are "all in" for this new WP7 trend.

On top of the HTC Titan II, AT&T announced a 2nd LTE-4G Windows Phone from Nokia last night.

Of course, the Droid fanboys from Verizon announced new Droid handsets.  Maybe?  Sometime later this year?


Perhaps Verizon hasn't heard that Google isn't a big Motorola fan?

Is Google competing with their partners a recipe for disaster?

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Re: Windows Phone Backers Declare Mobile War
Master - Level 1

IMHO andriod is VZW cash cow.  They keep rolling out new devices making the older models obsolete in the matter of months meaning no more updates to the OS forcing the customer to purchase a new device just about every year plus VZW can install their bloatware without any restrictions.  Also Microsoft has placed a restriction on what software can be installed on the device by the carrier which might put off VZW.  Again IMHO....

Re: Windows Phone Backers Declare Mobile War
Contributor - Level 2

Android is very much the consumer cash cow for Verizon.  Blackberry is/was the same cow for Verizon business users.

Mindshare, dependability, marketing, handset variety, and device security seem to be the main factors that got both Motorola and Blackberry in the door.  What Verizon has yet to realize is that Windows Phone brings them all of those factors, as well as a slick OS that is easy to use.  Ease of use means happy customers, lower technical support requirements, and customer who return to Verizon for updated devices and service.

Not 100% of this is on Verizon's back.  Microsoft took the easy road to CES2012 and hitched thier WP wagon to Nokia and AT&T.  2 companies that needed a little something more to be competitive again.  Just a few days into CES, it appears that Microsoft's strategy worked.  Windows Phone, the HTC Titan II, and Nokia are all over the tech press.  Even the clowns at Engadget - who don't like the Windows Phone - are publishing tidbits about the Microsoft and Nokia announcements.

Microsoft was the company that positioned their Apollo Operating System for WP as the OS that would support 4G.  It seems now that this has changed.  Again, can't really blame Verizon for moving forward based on what they were originally told.  Verizon wants mostly 4G on the market and the underlying message from MS was to wait for Apollo.

Much of that has changed and, unfortunately, it wasn't news that was slipped to Verizon.  Instead, MS led the parade at CES and shoved AT&T and Nokia in Verizon's face.  Ugly politics - but not a far cry from the Apple / iPhone rollout that Verizon also missed the boat on.

There are many angry hornets on these forums who are customers looking for a quality Windows Phone.  I think that in reality, those customers (like myself) don't want to see Verizon miss out on another big tech trend.  The problem here is that THIS trend is going to impact Verizon in areas like tablets, 4G networking, and other major competitive factors that are being overlooked because of someone's big fat ego.  Verizon needs to check their ego at the door, listen to what their customers are asking for, and see how being a little more competitive can benefit them financially.

Re: Windows Phone Backers Declare Mobile War

tablets? do wp7 tablets even exist?

it's real simple. if this OS takes off, verizon will get it on it. if not, they won't. they invest in what they know they can sell. last i checked, they are doing pretty well and likely don't need our business verizon didn't "miss the boat" on the iphone. they had an opportunity and they didn't care for apple's terms, so they passed. a few years later, apple eased up because they realized that they, themselves, limited their own sales.