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Why do you even have a Windows Phone section in the community since it is so obvious that Verizon has total disdain for the platform..

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I love how every thread on the forum is about the crazy delayed Windows phone update. My Nokia 928 still doesn't have the update. I hope all of us never have a phone with Verizon ever again. I sure won't. Just a few more months and then I'm free.

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Hello winphon928!

I really don't want you to feel this way about Verizon Wireless, and I especially don't want to lose you! I know the updates are eagerly anticipated, and to be honest, I don't have a date to provide you with. I can let you know to check our News Center at for any information and updates.
I hope you will consider all of the factors when making your decision, and we hope to continue our relationship with you.

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I'm sure which is worse anymore. No response or these bullshit responses from VZW Non-support.

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I agree, their "responses" are insulting and infuriating