Windows Phone Update from Belfiore on Reddit AMA
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Microsoft's Windows Phone leader Joe Belfiore was on Reddit - Ask Me Anything yesterday with lots of information about our favorite: Windows Phones.  Click the link below to see a full review of the number of questions he was able to respond to.

Hey @Verizon:  Have you connected with Joe yet?  I am sure that he has time for even "special people" like yourselves.  I bet he has some good advice about how you can get our Windows Phone updates out to us on time.  I also bet Joe can also provide you some secret AT&T numbers supporting how well the Nokia 1020 and 1520 devices are selling with your competitor - and how advantageous it would be for Verizon to carry the same.

When you up the quality of your Windows Phone inventory and Windows Phone support, you also raise the bar for your favorite children: Android and Apple.  There's got to be something out there to motivate you to, at least, give your Windows Phone line of business the same attention that AT&T does.

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