Windows Upgrade for Samsung ATIV SE
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Wondering when Windows 8.1 will be available for the Samsung ATIV SE?

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W-O-W I hope everyone who reads this hits my inbox. Over the last year I have had 9 that's right nine different devices through the mighty Verizon wireless. One refurbished like new boat anchor after another. It all started with my Razor HD that I loved for a multitude of reasons. Verizon however by changing whatever update from the manufacturer to suite their needs like the added pictures and hidden games to eat up your data with bloat ware all at the expense of "we the consumer". Or how many of us had unlimited data that is until we upgraded our devices and until we received our first bill realized that we were then were getting charged. I can go on and on and on forever at this point,but I will get back on track. Motorola expressed to me in writing that had Verizon not tampered with their device nor the update it would work exactly how it was designed. After it was all said and done. I had 4 Razer HD devices. Finally I had had enough. They tell you that the policy is to give you the exact same device ' like new' this is not true. you have the option to receive a device of the same value and I don't know about anyone else out there but I want what I paid for. So all that being said I was sent a HTC 1 with a case. Sounds great right? Not even close. I get the device after fighting for two days wit fed ex to get it. Low and behold the microphone in the device does not work and they will not honor a replacement at any location. Now I am without a phone for several more days. I am as you are all aware furious at this point! I finally have a Samsung s4 sent to me it has some sort of twitch from the moment I power it up and start using it. Long and short of it I have 3 more of those devices and I am told that I just need to upgrade. I am also told that the only devices you can get brand new as a replacement is the I Phone and Windows Phone. They talked up the windows 8 Samsung Ativ se to me and I said fine. As soon as it is available send it to me because after becoming accustom to a larger screen etc it was the only logical way to go. I have had this device for 4 months. If it did half the stuff they have promoted on television like swype or cortana or maybe use at least half of the apps android offers on EVERY DEVICE it would be great. Frankly it flat out sucks until the update that Samsung has already released and Verizon is making everyone wait for. Nokia is releasing it At&t had released it. It was dubbed the flagship blah blah blah. I have threated a class action law suite. Well who's with me? Who is sick and tired of being bullied by this company? I haven't gotten a thing free and have been with this company for over 6 years and now they want to rape everyone for data that cost them next to nothing. They keep messing with it to make a few more billion. We the consumers are paying the price by being sold knowingly faulty or updated to make sure it will fail so "we the consumer" will upgrade spending our hard earned money and get locked into a new contract. These are gorilla tactics. We are getting screwed on a global level. When the numbers add up and we can all get our just deserve in the way of reward. How is it again at this very moment they are selling the very same device I own now Samsung ATIV SE that is updated? I have had this device from day one and I still do not have the update. This utterly unacceptable and I know that there have to be millions around the globe that feel just as I do. I have lost time money oppurtunities and without question any minute remnants of patience I had left. Mr. Shawn

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Will we even be told if we will get the update? If so, how do we find out? I was told the phone would get the update by the salesrep, but so far nothing. I have a new phone that within 1 month has become outdated, and no one will tell us even where to look for information.  So far this post is the closest I have come.  Samsung ATIV SE was not a free phone. So I don't understand if it is left out of the update process. They are already talking about an update to the 8.1 we have yet to see.  Is the answer No?  The link provided above hasn't been update since January.  I am boggled.