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Windows phone and Verizon ?

I have had a Lumia 822 Windows phone for 2 and half years now that I absolutely love. I've been with Verizon for over 14 years and am totally happy with their service. So... I have a few questions. Will the 822 update to Windows 10? If it can, I really don't have any more questions. But nothing is ever that simple. According to the Microsoft site  I need a Windows OS number of 8.10.14219.341 (Denim) but my 822 phone is only 8.10.14203.306  and Verizon says it is up to date. I would be willing to get a new Windows phone to allow me to have Windows 10, but Verizon only has the 735, which is a nice phone, but my old 822 has better specs.

I realize that we have two mega-corps that are concerned with profits. It would be really nice if, maybe they thought about us consumers?

Does anyone know if the 822 will upgrade to Windows 10?  Do you think Verizon is going to continue selling and supporting Windows phones?


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Re: Windows phone and Verizon ?
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If the information Paul Thurrott received from his Microsoft insider is correct, Microsoft will be parting ways with Verizon Wireless. Verizon has been much less supportive of Windows based phones than other providers...most notably at&t.

So much so, at&t is already selling the 4G/LTE version of the Microsoft Surface 3, T-Mobile will begin selling it at the end of the month...but...according to a manager at a local Verizon Wireless store, Verizon does not have a code for the S3 in its an unlocked S3 is pointless. There are only 2 ways to use an S3 or an SP3 on Verizon's network:

1) Purchase a Jetpack and tether a WiFi only S3 to it. The SP3 is a WiFi only device.

2) Tether to a smartphone.

On the smartphone front, my guess is that Verizon will continue to support existing Windows phones if/when the relationship with Microsoft ends, but, no new phones will be added.

If BlackBerry ceases to make phones,  Verizon Wireless would then sell and support only iOS and Android devices.

Re: Windows phone and Verizon ?
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Upgrading the 822 it partly up to Microsoft but I think they said all devices would receive Windows 10.  The last part is up to VZW if they plan on releasing Windows 10 to their devices through official channels.  Microsoft may release Windows 10 directly via their Insider app which would by-pass VZW.