Worst customer service I've ever seen

I tried calling my voicemail and it would give me an error as if i had dialed a wrong number. After around 30 minutes with the automated system and its worthless tips it gave me the option of talking with a representative, then told me to call from a land line and hung up on me. Then I called back it said i notice you called earlier are you still having problems, said it would send me to a customer service rep and disconnected me again. When I finally made it through to the representative I had to explain the problem at least 5 times.(I'm being generous.) She was impossible to understand, namely because she would alternate between a normal speaking voice and whispers. To top it off she said she was checking to see if my voicemail was disabled because if it was we needed to get it "abled". I would rather talk to an Indian customer service rep they're easier to understand.  If i have another problem with my phone, I'm just going to throw it out and get a new one. It's preferable to going through that entire process again.

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Re: Worst customer service I've ever seen
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We don't have a home phone line so when ever we have voice mail troubles I just go over to a Verizon store and they call for me since I can't call from another phone when no one else is home with their cells and get the problem fixed in 5min or at least that worked for me. Mary