announcement 14 switch 1 8 - 8
I tried to call a phone number that is listed as a fax number - thinking if I called it and there were weird fax noises on the other end, I would be able to confirm it was a fax number, but instead I got the message "you have reached a non working #, announcement 14 switch 18-8." would this happen to mean this is a fax number??
Re: announcement 14 switch 1 8 - 8
Customer Service Rep

Brittnilynn, ensure you are given the proper information on a type of call is certainly important. I am here to help. The announcement 14 message simply means that it is a non working number. This can also mean that it could, in fact, be a number to a fax machine. What carrier does is your fax machine connected to? What happens when you try to call the number from another device?