casio brigade? more like dookie!

i purchased a casio brigade because of the promise and sincerty in which verizon promoted the cell.   i paid retail in excess of $500.   within 2 months i already had a replacement and verizon the immoral and unethical company it is refused to refund me, but offered me an upgrade with a $30 data plan.   i opted out of the "down grade offer".     now 20 brigade replacements later there appears to be no end in site as to how many they will send me.   i had 3 in my possession at once before i mailed them back.      i tried emails, calling, letters.   THE ONLY THING THAT WORKED TO GET A REPONSE FROM VERIZON WAS TO MAIL THEM GARBAGE IN THE BOX WITH THE PHONES AND CATCHY LITTLE STORY ABOUT HOW THEY SUK SO BAD ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE RETURN BOXES..        I can only say that i don't care how good any of their other phones are, but their companies incredible lack of self respect and consistant lying is and should be enough not to be a customer.  

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