download contacts to new phone

I have already downloaded my contacts to backup assistant on  I have tried to delete the backup assistant on new phone and it says deleted and it is still there.  When I try to download my contacts from, says if new number press here.  I do that and says to delete backup assistant on phone, which I have already tried to do but it still shows up.  When I press ok, says key in passcode, says passcode is incorrect.  Please help.  I have worked hours and hours on this!

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Re: download contacts to new phone
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What phone are you using? Don't even bother with verizon back up. Are you coming from Android or Iphone?

If you are coming from android, all you have to do is go to settings > emails and accounts > sync your phone with gmail (the one that is synced with your android phone), and retrieve all your emails, contacts, calendars, what ever you want.

You can do this with any email.

Check this website out