gmail not syncing since 3pm PT today

I cannot get my gmail to sync to my phone.  Keep getting error message that reads: WE'RE HAVING A PROBLEM SYNCING YOUR INFORMATION.  TRY LATER.  ERROR CODE 80C805E2

When I called support, they told me to call back in the morning!!!  There was no tech on duty that could help me.  Anyone else having this problem.  My Hotmail is syncing fine. and so is my facebook.  JUST the gmail, which is where I get all my emails.


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Re: gmail not syncing since 3pm PT today
Customer Service Rep

Hi sharmar!

Let's get those emails syncing! I'd love to help you out, I know how important this is. I'd like to ask a couple questions.....are you using the Gmail application or are you accessing it from the browser? When trying through the browser at are you able to sync? If having issues with the application, please go into your applications, and clear the data from your Gmail account and re-enter your login credentials. Once this is done, please try again to sync using the application. Keep me posted, thanks!

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