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how can I fix sending sms messages on foreign sim card...Help Please

ok here is the issue I bought lumia 822 for the fact that it is global phone and I go to Philippines a lot and want to not be charged arm and leg for service so changed to smart sim card there and cant send sms can recieve can call and recieve and can recieve text messages but cant send text...I paid good money for this phone and now gave it to my gf there as I switched to 928 worried that I will have prob with this one also meanwhile my gf cant really use her phone...I talked to verizon tech as heard t-mobile had same issue and they came up- with fix verizons fix was add her phone to account and they will ship her verizon global sim card ...come on Verizon REALLY???????????????????? dont want to pay arm and leg for her to have to text I have had multiple phones from you and have had 3 lines with you for over 15 years now ..should not matter what I want to do with my old phone that I paid you good money for wanted my gf to have nice phone while she is over there we have taken it to tech and cant figure it out either ....CAN SOMEONE COME UP WITH FIX FOR THIS KNOW THERE HAS TO BE A WAY TO GET AROUND THIS AS T-MOBILE HAD CODE...VERIZON STOP BEING SO if I go over there for month like I do a lot then want to not break the bank and add sim card and be able to AFFORD to use my phone

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Re: how can I fix sending sms messages on foreign sim card...Help Please
Customer Support

Hey there Dale1462,

I am sorry for the issues you are having with your Lumia over in the Phillipines.  I understand that cost is a concern, so I absolutely understand why you would use a local carrier sim card while in the Phillipines.

I am unable to troubleshoot any issues that you are having while on another carriers network. Did you have the sim card unlocked by our Global Support team?

If not, please reach out to our Global Support team at 800-711-8300 to do so.

Let me know if you need additional assistance.

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