how to remove phone with contract from plan?

Please help I have a phone my son lost and I need to remove that number from my family plan.Can anyone help me?

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Re: how to remove phone with contract from plan?
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Community Leader

You can call customer service and report the phone as lost - they can suspend and deactivate the phone (so no one else can activate it) until he can get it replaced. (800-922-0204).  Or you can cancel the line - that's an option, but it may cost if there is time remaining on the contract. A better option would be to suspend and then reactivate with a different phone.

You don't have to buy a new one; if there is a used phone (Verizon branded) you have laying around, or a friend has one, you can use that.  Or buy a used one off eBay - there are some good deals.  Just make sure it is Verizon branded and has a clear ESN - customer service can help you there too.