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insurance scam

How many of us windows phone users have been scammed by verizon and assurion????? Did you know that we have been paying for insurance for over two years and they cannot replace the windows phone? I just found this out last week. Called in to make a claim and was told they haven't been able to provide windows phone services for over two years.....yet they still charge me for insurance? I was told i could get a droid. If i wanted a droid i would've bought one. Whether a droid is an upgrade is solely personal preference. I told them i am paying insurance for a windows phone not a droid. I asked why they were still billing me for a service they cannot provide and they had no answer

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Re: insurance scam
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Contact you local attorney general and let them know about the scam.

Re: insurance scam

I submitted a Trophy claim online for a cracked screen 10/11/12. I received an apparently new phone (refurb doesn't appear anywhere on the box) on 10/12/12. So it is possible to get a Trophy replacement. Not sure if it had something to do with calling in and having a misunderstanding or not.