malfunctioning phone drags on past warranty
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I was led to this portal/forum after a chat conversation with a Verizon agent... very helpful, very concerned, but ultimately not able to remedy my problem.

I have spent many hours online and in-person with at least a half-dozen visits to my local Verizon store...  for months, my iphone 13mini has been dropping calls and undelivered messages.... it's intermittent and it's problematic and I have been through every troubleshooting, SIM replacement, settings reset, plan changes and tweak, test or diagnosis... but it still occurs.

The biggest problem is that over the repeated appeals for support, not one person ever suggested REPLACING THE PHONE until one visit when I was informed that the warranty period had expired.... and nobody would do anything to help me get a new, working phone.  Nobody seemed to care that I was dissatisfied with this and nobody seemed to know who to talk to about expressing these frustrations.  

Aside from the individuals themselves... Verizon's "customer support" seems to be completely displaced by rudimentary tech support and heavy sales presence.  And nobody seems to care that a 10-year customer (who autopays an exorbitant amount monthly) might be displeased and willing to take their business elsewhere.  Nobody cares!  And even still, my phone will drop business calls and family calls just whenever.  

Sorry... your phone doesn't work and it will cost you $700 to do something about it... even though you told us it wasn't working in the year since you bought it and we should have utilized the warranty to get you a new one that works.  Nope.

Tell me this... why did it not seem to happen during two separate California trips?? Just weeks apart, I spent several days in Los Angeles and San Francisco and never noticed the malfunctions of my phone... but home in the Auburn, AL area, it's right back to drop calls and unable to connect, etc.

I'm terribly disappointed in Verizon and nobody seems to care.  But the kind agent who helped me today suggested that I come here and write it down for you to read.  I hope they've done you better.

Re: malfunctioning phone drags on past warranty
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We're sorry to hear that you're having problems with service on your phone. We want to make sure you're able to get the reliable service you need and we'll do everything we can to help you. Please look out for a Private Note shortly.