messaging error for lg fathom

my lg fathom sends me an unknown error when i try to send a text message (32880)

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Dont worry, the LG fathom will send you plenty of Error messages, and when i say plenty i mean A MILLION, I have only had this phone for 6 months and I have had nothing but problems with it, I suggest tech support but if you get one person DONT HANG up you will NEVER be able to get them on the phone again ( the same person ).  You will have to talk to a ton of people and they will all tell you different things, they will tell you to do a master reset, ( the little button to next to usb port on phone ) then they will tell you to do a hard reset, take the battery out, then to dial *228.  Im sure you are having problems with the internet connection It probably shows DNS server not found or responding.  But I will have one thing nice to say, customer service and tech support are nice and they do have protocol they must follow.  When you call them each time you have a problem you must repeat the entire story every time, I had to do this one day on a phone that dropped the call at random. Good luck!! I suggest another phone.... any phone other than the LG fathom or any other windows based phone. I love Verizon wireless, I just wish they would change some things on how they handle certain issues.

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Good afternoon, rileyakamelo!

I'd be happy to get your messaging working for you! What is the exact error message you see when this happens? Do you get an error with each message you attempt to send? When did this begin? Keep me posted!

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