my voice about the lumia 950/xl

I know that Verizon doesn't support the new windows phone but I am just tossing my two cents in about it.

I have used the Lumia 928 recently got the 735 and both have been blue balled by Verizon, taking away key features that makes the phones so great. tap to pay became a thing I wanted to have available on my phones because occasionally I forget my debit cards in my other pants or leave it at home for some reason or another, I got the 928 not knowing about this ability but when I heard about it I became very exited and interested in using it, but to my dismay I missed the bandwagon of soft card before google bought it out, even though the 928 had its own credit card holding software, it was blocked by Verizon. then when the 735 came out I was told by the sales rep. that I could use tap to pay and again to my dismay, it to was still blocked and unusable leaving me with only a slight upgrade from my last phone with no reason to have gotten it.

now comes the new 950 and the 950 xl I have read blog post and other conspiracy theory's about why or why not but frankly I don't care one way or another if it was Microsoft fault or Verizon's, either way some one need to get their shit together and let consumers have the damned phones that they want! we all know that the 950's radio chip is capable of Verizon cdma, and that we should be able to use this with any cell phone provider we so choose because that's the way it was designed, and to have its key features all in tact regardless of Verizon wanting its own trademarked version of something every one else has already designed tested and implemented.

really I am getting tired of my windows phones being crippled by Verizon and this 950 scandal just might be the nail in the coffin and getting me to change my provider.

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