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new lumina phones - where are they?

I am a big fan of the Nokia Lumina phones, I love my Icon. I know Microsoft has bought the company but they have a number of phones on the market and new ones coming out. Where is any news of it here. I have nothing bad to say about HTC or whatever the other one is but I don't want to give up my wireless charging pad nor any Nokia apps. I am ready to edge up on my phone now but right now, ain't gonna happen until I get something better then my Icon.

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Re: new lumina phones - where are they?
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There were rumors that VZW was to carry the Lumia 735 (mid-range); Microsoft's Lumia 735 is coming to Verizon Wireless | Windows Central this month but I guess not.

There's a flagship device in the works and probably will be announced when Windows 10 is released sometime this summer.  Windows 10 for the desktop is supposed to go final in June, subject to delays.

The question is if VZW will get/carry the device.  Track record so far is that AT&T gets the device first; exclusively and VZW get a different variant many months later.

Re: new lumina phones - where are they?
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I completely understand having a favorite phone brand (manufacturer). It can definitely make a difference to the user, I'm the same way. I appreciate your understanding regarding the release dates for additional models not available yet. However, you can definitely stay in the loop with email updates

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Re: new lumina phones - where are they?
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Microsoft seems to be concentrating on mid-range and low-end devices, primarily for developing markets like Brazil, India, etc. Competing with Android and iOS has not been a winning strategy for anybody. Like Primortal said, another crop of new devices will probably wait for the release of Windows 10.