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"Can't send" error messages for texts with and without pictures.

I'm having problems with text messaging.  I have had my Nokia for a year now.  It was working fine until just a few months ago.  Every now and then when I tried to send a photo text message I would get a "Can't Send" message.  It only happened on photo messages whenI was home and connected on wifi.  So then I started switching off my wifi whenenver I wanted to send a photo text message.  That seemed to help.  But now I'm noticing it is happening even with the wifi off.  And also now just regular text messages are sometimes coming back with the "Can't send" message.  Also, I found out tonight when I was having the problem my text had actually been sent mutiple times to the recipient without me knowing because it actually sent each time eventhough it gave me the "Can't send" message.  Is there anything I can do to remedy this besides giving up and getting a different phone?

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Re: "Can't send" error messages for texts with and without pictures.

well, just because of the problems I've been having with the Lumia 928, I'd say just switch to a different phone. Have you tried a full reset on the phone yet? It really doesn't take that long. I just did it with my Lumia 928 a couple of weeks ago. That, and don't be afraid to talk to customer support, the tech team is actually really good with Verizon and their the reason I switched from Sprint 8 years ago.

Re: "Can't send" error messages for texts with and without pictures.
Customer Support


Let's get your messages working right! Text is my main means of staying connected with family and friends, so I definitely the importance of having it work properly.

Please keep in mind that you need to be on the VZW network for the picture messages to go through. They will not send if connected to wifi.

Text messages should work fine while connected to wifi. One thing you can try is remove the sim card for a minute or two to refresh the connection. Insert the sim card retest. Keep us posted if the issue continues.


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