"For Wireless Internet Services dial *611"

I have the Samsung Intensity 2 and I've dealt with 5 tech supporters and one replacement phone thus far.  Nobody can seem to figure out why on a daily basis my internet and email freeze up and I keep receiving a message saying "For Wireless Internet Services, dial *611."  Once I dial *228, the problem goes away but only on a temporary basis. (a bandaid fix)  This happens every single day.   We have done a master reset, programmed and authenticated the 'akey', etc.  I have switched phones once and am told to switch again if the problem persists.   They are considering sending me the LG Cosmos 2 now.......Any thoughts?  Please for the love of all that is holy help me fix this annoyance.  I used to love VZW. Smiley Sad

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Hi jomama78!

I see how this can become very annoying.  I'd like to help.

First, thanks to jimfitzgerald for the feedback & suggestions!  As he mentioned, this may be account or device (programming) related, so I'd be happy to further investigate this for you.  Please reach out to me directly so I can further assist.



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