release date for windows 8.1
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So Verizon... When will we get Windows Phone 8.1? At this rate windows phone 9.3 will be out before you bother releasing it... and at that point I'll be over at AT&T because of your slowness. And, by the way, don't tell me you "Share my excitement" - that's a line of bull since if you did it would be out by now.

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I know when I was looking to upgrade and was checking out the Icon they had an online simulator with a hand holding the phone and using all the features of the 8.1 upgrade along with talking to/using Cortana. So, naturally I assumed I'd be able to upgrade once my phone came. I can't find the simulator now, so they must have taken it down. Seems like false advertising.


My husband has the 928 and checks his phone daily for the update. He is quite frustrated that all of the advertising is for Cortona and 8.1 yet his phone can't get the update. Yet as the earlier poster has mentioned, ATT has released the update to all their phones. MS released the update months ago now.

Verizon has the best coverage in our area but he compares them to the cable company.

He constantly says there is no reason they shouldn't release the updates to the phones except for greed. They want all users to pay upgrade fees ,etc. to get the HTC One M8. While a nice phone, he is really happy with his 928.

His contract isn't up for another 8 months, so he will just continue to be a disgruntled customer.

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Problem is we have a company so big they feel they can do whatever they

want, however they want. My biggest issue with this has to do with the fact

the Icon was made exclusively for Verizon so you'd think they would take

care of their 'baby', make using it a priority for the customer before any

other of their phones. Their lack of concern, evident by their not

clarifying the situation, shows just the opposite. I'm looking into seeing

if I can break the contract due to misinformation re the 8.1 update. Just

like your husband, I was told it would be out in a matter of weeks. If

unable get out of it legally, without having to pay, there are carriers

that will pay the early termination fees. ATT has already released the


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Good luck at AT&T the carrier with the fastest updates!

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that's the best you can do, "Good luck at ATT?" ..obviously no one at Verizon knows anything about the 8.1 update, including Verizon, who will lose business, substantial I would think, because of their lack of interest in getting this done for their customers. Yes, including myself. They press released an update would roll out this Summer ..yet here we are middle of Sep and ..nothing..

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This is absolutely ridiculous VERIZON.  I sure hope that you monitor these forums and realize that due to your lack of transparency and ability to provide customers with timely OS upgrades - YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE CUSTOMERS.  You may have the best coverage in my area, but you are the most expensive and you are the least attentive to customer's concerns/wishes.  It's experiences like these that leave a bad taste in customer's mouths and eventually your service will catch up to you ~ similar to what COX is experiencing.  I look forward to my contract expiring so that I can get off this service that obviously is not concerned with customer experience.

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.. that's right! if enough ppl upset about Verizon NOT delivering would

jump ship, then maybe, just maybe Verizon might do something about it ..

but they won't until it's too late.. total lack of concern for the people

paying their salaries . other carrierer are making it easier now with the

buying out of existing contracts .. I'm just trying to figure out the best

way to go with my phone situation - I have the Verizon 'exclusive' Nokia

Icon - even a phone built only for Verizon can't get a simple update ..

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Thanks for responding, but we've been getting this same response for months now.  Frankly, it feels like we are being mocked.  We'll stay tuned, but please put some info that we can use.

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That was the best I could do and keep it civil.

this question has been beat to death.

windows phone sales and users will not be leaving in droves. Android and iOS are mega market share.

windows phones via a link I posted even lost share. So don't count on Verizon going out of business over this.

the original poster was stating how quickly AT&T put out the update and considered going for that reason to them.

if that is all that's important in a cell service people should do what they think is best.

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That's all fine and good but doesn't address why Verizon isn't getting this done. As for it being"all that matters", what matters is what the company you're paying is doing to keep you satisfied.. Verizon has dropped the ball..

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Verizon has dropped the ball..


That may be. However it is a company decision. I know they have more information at Google+  priior to any information released here. and they give some website to show what they are doing.

Information? Yes, maybe not all the information people want or expect but it is an effort on their part.