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text messaging issue only "media content in this message"

I have a old HTC 8X and recently I have been getting "Media content in this message" with no text or ability to retrieve the message. It only happens with a couple of people and it may be associated with group messages. This seems unlikely since I generally do receive group messages. Anyone know anything about this? TIA.

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Re: text messaging issue only "media content in this message"
Customer Support

We don't want you to miss out on any messages, wellsnet. Are you aware when this happens if the person sending the message has sent a picture or plain text? Has this only happened when you are in a group message? When this happens, are you connected to data?

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Re: text messaging issue only "media content in this message"

I've been battling the "Get Media Content" with the Messaging app on my Lumia 735 for quite awhile. The message also provides a "Download" link I can click and then the message downloads. I just figured the Lumia 735 had a crappy antenna. Then 2 days ago I dropped my phone. I opened it and everything appeared OK but as the day went on I realized I wasn't getting any messages. I tried to send a message and got a message that it couldn't connect.I tried to call someone and got a similar message. Using another phone I asked someone to send me a message and call me and found I couldn't receive messages or calls.

I powered it off, removed battery, re-installed battery and restarted but still no luck. I did the same thing again only after removing the battery I removed both the SIM card and my extra memory card and then re-inserted them and that not only fixed the message & calling problem but also the "Get Media Content" problem. My guess is the SIM card must have had a contact issue and dropping it made it worse but removing and re-inserting resolved it.

Actually the Lumia 735 is working better that it every did. Smiley Happy