wifi suddenly not connecting

My wi-fi at home is suddenly unable to connect. The phone message is

"Can't connect

Your phone can't connect to the Wi-Fi network xxxxx"

Yesterday it worked, now not. I re-booted, deleted the home network and attempted to re-connect ... no luck

Being connected to wi-fi is very important to me and I do not want to use a hard reset as I have info on the phone that Backup assistant does not back up.

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Re: wifi suddenly not connecting
Customer Service Rep

I absolutely understand the importance of ensuring you are able to connect to Wi-Fi. Let’s take a look at your concerns to get you back connected.

May we have the make/model of your phone? Any recent software updates done on your phone? Are you able to connect to any Wi-Fi networks at all?  We look forward to hearing from you.

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Re: wifi suddenly not connecting

This morning there was a "critical software update" prompted on my Nokia 928 Windows phone. After installing the update, the wireless connection problem at my house is resolved. I do not know if all the Wi-Fi issues have been resolved.


The following is an update of the troubleshooting I have done and issues experienced over the recent weeks:


  1. "Suddenly no Wi-Fi connectivity in my house" (my phone issue only … all other devices had no problem) ... resolved as of this morning
  2. Same equipment at a 2nd house of mine: no connectivity issues … have not checked is since this morning update
  3. Trip to Spain the past week: could not connect to any Wi-Fi hot spots except at Madrid airport (wife’s Android phone had no problems connecting to all Wi-Fi spots)