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won't charge, stuck in a cycle

Hi all,

I've been generally happy with the 822 since i got it a few months ago. A few freeze screens here and there.. maybe 2-3 a week, but I can live with that. Lately, though, charging's been realllllly slow. Tonight I managed to burn the battery completely, and now I can't catch a charge.

I've tried both plugged into the wall, and through my USB cord into my laptop, both of which usually fill up the 822 within a few hours. But now it'll vibrate and start to power on, show the big icon of the battery charging, then change to a question mark, and then turn off... and repeat. The battery is getting hot, so I opened it all up, unplugged and let it cool.

Tried again, and the same story. Ive pressed the power button, and power+volume down, and neither helps.

Any thoughts?

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