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Verizon Select

I keep getting these pop ups on my phone to click for more benefits and then it says after thinking for AGES that my account doesn't qualify sorry... but it's every single day for the last two weeks or so. Enough already I don't want more Advertising I want less and I don't these pop up things I want them to go away forever. I am sick of seeing them and I will never sign up for this targeted marketing crap EVER. Also I have checked all over the site and there is no where that I can click to never invite me to this selects thing again. There is no where that will let me opt out forever. and there is no where that I can click to make them stop sending me these messages endlessly every single day...

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Re: Verizon Select
Sr. Leader

You invite adware on your phone if you installed games or music download apps. 

Figure out which to delete and the adds will stop.

Re: Verizon Select
Sr. Member

This doesn't sound right. I know a few people with this phone and they are not experiencing this. Try to boot it into safe mode and use it for a bit and see if it is still doing it. If not, as mama23dogs stated it is an app you need to delete.