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All verizonmoderator2's Badges

verizonmoderator2 has earned 24 badges!
  • Avid Returner I
    Avid Returner I
    Earned by 172,539
    Check back often, your community is here for you.
  • Avid Returner II
    Avid Returner II
    Earned by 55,372
    We appreciate your dedication towards the community.
  • Avid Returner III
    Avid Returner III
    Earned by 213
    Look at that determination! It's people like you who make our community great.
  • Avid Returner IV
    Avid Returner IV
    Earned by 150
    Your willpower is amazing, keep it up!
  • Avid Returner V
    Avid Returner V
    Earned by 93
    We admire your consistency! You are a great asset to the community
  • Content Contributor I
    Content Contributor I
    Earned by 16,507
    Way to go! Your contributions are valuable to the community.
  • Content Viewer I
    Content Viewer I
    Earned by 187
    Yay! Your posts are getting views, keep going!
  • Content Viewer II
    Content Viewer II
    Earned by 44
    Good job! Your posts are getting noticed, we're looking forward to more outstanding posts.
  • Content Viewer III
    Content Viewer III
    Earned by 30
    Amazing! Your posts are valuable for the community, keep posting.
  • Content Viewer IV
    Content Viewer IV
    Earned by 18
    We're waiting for more amazing posts from you. Keep up the good work!
  • Picture I
    Picture I
    Earned by 6,048
    Bravo for the descriptive posts, keep going.
  • Picture II
    Picture II
    Earned by 511
    Your creativity shows in the images you upload, keep it up!
  • Picture III
    Picture III
    Earned by 181
    Your images help us understand and solve your problems better.
  • Picture IV
    Picture IV
    Earned by 102
    Your way of depicting a problem is amazing, it helps us serve you faster.
  • Picture V
    Picture V
    Earned by 75
    Your pictures portray your creativity, keep posting.
  • Solutions I
    Solutions I
    Earned by 1,813
    You have authored one or more solutions.
  • Time Lapsed - 3 Months
    Time Lapsed - 3 Months
    Earned by 1,938,768
    You did it! Happy 3 months with the Verizon community.
  • Time Lapsed - 6 Months
    Time Lapsed - 6 Months
    Earned by 1,870,375
    6 months and counting! You are half way to your 1st anniversary.
  • Time Lapsed - 1 Year
    Time Lapsed - 1 Year
    Earned by 1,753,380
    Congratulations on your 1st anniversary! Keep up the good work!
  • Time Lapsed - 2 Years
    Time Lapsed - 2 Years
    Earned by 1,587,222
    Wow! It's your 2 year anniversary with the Verizon community. Thanks for all your contributions!
  • Time Lapsed - 3 Years
    Time Lapsed - 3 Years
    Earned by 2,785,570
    Congratulations on your 3rd anniversary! Keep up the great work!
  • Time Lapsed - 4 Years
    Time Lapsed - 4 Years
    Earned by 2,171,056
    Congratulations on your 4th anniversary! Thanks for all your contributions
  • Time Lapsed - 5 Years
    Time Lapsed - 5 Years
    Earned by 1,771,013
    Wow! It's your 5 year anniversary with the Verizon community. Thanks for all your contributions!
  • Time Lapsed - 6 Years
    Time Lapsed - 6 Years
    Earned by 1,630,635
    Congratulations on your 6th anniversary! Thanks for all your contributions