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Corporate Escalation

**Long post…

Verizon gotta love when your team has no idea what each other are doing and change the story to fit their narrative. Promises made BY YOUR LEADERSHIP to then be told that they never made them. When I ask to speak to someone higher to review, I am then told that I have to write a letter 😡.

When promises are made I expect, with the money I am spending, to receive said promises. Spent over 6 hours on the phone dealing with people that do not listen or care! I have worked in the telecommunications field for many years and have to say this is BEYOND BAD!

My boys iPads are not holding a charge. I have the top protection Verizon Wireless has to offer. So I place a claim to be told that they can only be replaced one at a time. So I receive the first iPad replacement to find that it is bigger then the one I currently have!

So on the phone with support asking why, to be told that they see they sent me the right device and that I have to activate the device before they can do anything. Mind you, the case and shield I already have will not work. After arguing over the phone I go to my local store to be told that the iPad I received was a 7th gen since the 6th gen was no longer circulated. The only option is to purchase a new kids case and screen protector, so I buy 2 because I still have another iPad to replace.

So after activating and getting the 2nd iPad replacement ordered, what comes in the mail? A 6th gen iPad! 🤬… so back on the phone. This time they tell me that they do have 6th gen iPads now and that the only reason I received the 7th gen was that they didn’t at that time (4 days apart mind you). So I speak with a supervisor who finally seemed to listen and stated that he will apply a credit on my account, which I didn’t ask for 🤷‍♂️, and get the 7th gen to me this past Saturday. Mind you he also mentioned to wait to send anything back until I receive the new one.

Now it’s Monday and guess what…NO IPAD! So I call and now being told that they fulfilled the warranty with the 6th gen and see nothing in their system regarding what the supervisor stated! When I ask to speak to someone about the call and have it reviewed to be told that it will take 3 days and if I wanted higher management I have to write a letter and they cannot escalate!

Again, I would be fine with everything if in the beginning this was discussed and reviewed but it was not. I would also be fine if promises were not made already to not be met. The money I pay for the service should repay something but currently not too happy! 😡

Re: Corporate Escalation

I dunno what you're hoping to achieve here. Verizon has no say on what product dimensions Apple uses for their own products. There's also such a thing as inventory not in stock, this isn't something that's Verizon exclusive. 

Why would they send you another iPad if you already got the replacement? Those are like for like and may get subbed if the exact model isn't available. In this case, you got an accidental upgrade with the 7th gen and a 6th gen iPad for a 6th gen iPad. 

The only thing you're really entitled to here (if that) is maybe a courtesy 7th gen case and screen protector since you can't use what you already have. Since a supervisor already applied a credit to the account, use that towards a new case billed to your account.

You're making a big deal out of nothing.

Re: Corporate Escalation

Again, I would have been fine with all of that if the original message given was just that.  But that was not the original message.  I was told by multiple reps that they did not supply the 6th gen anymore and that is why I received the 7.  Again, if they clearly stated that I might receive a different iPad in the first place that is fine, but to claim I would receive something then is not okay.  On top of that, for a supervisor to claim they are fixing this so that I did not have to deal with this issue any longer to then be told they didn't state that is another issue.

This is not about the warranty or replacement of the iPad.  It's about Verizon literally making claims then backing out.  Making promises and then not holding to them.  As a customer that does pay them a premium, I would expect better service overall.  If you feel like that type of service is okay, that is on you but not something I enjoy.