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Using Verizon Messages app on iPad mini: Accessing Verizon contact list

I am a dumbphone Verizon user. I have an extensive contact list in my phone. I use the Verizon Backup Assistant to make sure I don't lose it. I frequently use the browser version of Verizon Messages as some of the smartphones send me text messages containing graphics I cannot see on the dumbphone. This has been working great for me. My dumbphone Contacts pull up nicely. I assume this is pulling from the Backup Assistant database (Verizon Cloud?).

Enter the tablet. I now have an iPad mini. I've installed the Verizon Messages app. The Integrated Messaging is working as expected and I can access messages from all three devices (dumbphone, tablet, PC). However, with the iPad app I am unable to see my Contacts. Is there some form of syncing that I need to initiate between Verizon Messages on the iPad and Verizon Backup Assistant? Does anyone have tips in this area?

I do not sync any contacts to the iPad Contacts. I have so many different contact lists (Gmail, three personal email accounts,  two work email accounts, dumbphone contacts, ...) that I just wouldn't know where to begin. Plus I like having them segregated because there are SO many different people in these lists. I just want to access my dumbphone contacts with the iPad Verizon Messages app.

Input appreciated. Thank you.

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