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WiFi connection

Why does wifi keep turning off?

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Re: WiFi connection
Sr. Member

I think the first thing you have to do is determine, is it your WiFi router, or is it the iPad that is the root cause.

When you take your iPad to a location with WiFi, does your WiFi drop? If so, I would tend to think it's the iPad. Bring it to an Apple store. Maybe they can do some troubleshooting for you.

Let's say WiFi is rock solid outside your home at other locations. Then I would tend to think it's your router that might be causing a problem.

WiFi in your home is going to be affected by many factors. If your router is relatively new, is it shoved up against the wall in the room with your internet modem? What if you try re-locating to another room, or perhaps just moving the router in the room to a more centralized location?

You can download an app like OpenSignal, and see how your WiFi signal strength varies as you move about your home or place of business where you experience the problem.

On Android, we have an app called WiFi Analyzer that shows us surrounding WiFi routers (Access Points), and their relative strength, and what channel they are communicating on. I thought there was an equivalent on the iOS platform, but I can't find it. I recommend, you have an acquaintance with an Android phone download the program and help you look at your environment... You may find your router is using the same channel as other routers with strong signals near your home. If you know how to configure your router, then try moving it to a different channel which isn't being used. 

Hope it helps.