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Data Use Overage

Historically I have used approx. 1 gb of data per billing cycle, however on November 27, 2021 Verizon states that I used 6 gb in 17 minutes. How is this even possible? I have not added any new apps, virtually all of my apps are set to not use data, and the 17 minutes in question, I was home and not using my cell phone, and my cell phone was accessing the home wi-fi. When I called Verizon customer service their recommendation was for me to upgrade my data plan from the current 6 gb per billing cycle to unlimited. Why would I pay for unlimited data when for the last 15 years I have not exceeded the 6 gb in my current plan? For some reason Customer Service did not want to assist me with the cause of the data spike, but simply pushed the unlimited data plan. Their final solution was to offer a credit for half of the data overage charges. Unless someone can explain to me how I could have used 6 gb of data in 17 minutes while on my home wi-fi, I must assume that this was some kind of error on Verizons part. I have been monitoring my data usage since November 27, 2021 and it remains under 1 gb per billing cycle. Verizon, if you mess up, admit it, credit your customer and move on. I do not appreciate paying for something I didn't use or having customer service push me to sign up for a more expensive data plan that I don't need.

Re: Data Use Overage
Customer Support

Hello, BJKS. We know how important it is for the data usage to be accurate. We will be happy to help address this data usage issue. To get started, we have sent you a Private Note. *Cassie