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Horrible experience! New iPhone 11 Pro is defective!

Received my pre-ordered iPhone 11 Pro on 9/26/2019, after porting over from AT&T and transferring from my previous phone (Galaxy Note 😎 I didn't test everything out. 

Wake up on 9/27/2019 and call the Verizon Port Center as I was having issues with one of the numbers I was porting over.  During the call I'm unable to swipe up on the iPhone 11 Pro, nor am I able to swipe right to power off the phone.  Also notice that the volumn down button isn't working as I attempt to perform a hard reset. 

Somehow after connecting the phone to my macbook I'm able to power down the phone.  I reboot the phone and the volumn down still isn't working but the swipe up is working, also I'm able to swipe right and power down the phone.  At this point I call VZW support who instructs me to goto a "Corporate" store to replace the phone.  Of course this being a newly released phone they don't have any 11 Pro's in stock with greater than 64GB of storage.  They take my number and proceed to tell me they will call me once they get their shipment today.

24 hours later and no call, so I call Apple Support to see if they can offer a replacement.  They schedule an appointment with Best Buy.  So I go to Best Buy and they tell me they don't have any in stock and to go to the Apple Store.

I immediately call Apple and they don't have a good solution, they try to do a reset through iTunes or send it back to Verizon.  Neither of which will satisfy me as the reset isn't resolving this issue.  If I send it back then I have to go back to my old phone which is having its own issues.

Re: Horrible experience! New iPhone 11 Pro is defective!

Just got even better!  Verizon Tech coach sends me to Sales team to locate a replacement phone, who then sends me to Assurian to file an insurance claim!  This is hands down the worst switch/upgrade that I've ever experienced!