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Messages on Iphone not showing up on Verizon usage

I have only one line on my plan of 5 phones where not a single text shows up on the usage for the past 90 days.  I-message is turned on but I know there have been many texts on this phone that was not I-phone to I-phone, so at least some activity should show up on the Verizon usage over the past 90 days.  Is there a phone setting that is blocking this from showing up?  This is on an I-phone 11.

Re: Messages on Iphone not showing up on Verizon usage
Customer Support

Good morning. I would love to help with seeing what is going on with your usage. You should be able to see all your usage that is not iMessage here:  iMessage will not show as it goes through WiFi and it is  Apple to Apple. Do you have any questions about this?