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Swapped Phone Not Working

I have an iPhone 11, wanted to give to son, added new line and swapped numbers so my son can have ip11 and I can have ip12. My ip12 switched and is working but ip11 is still registering under ip11 but not making calls.

3+ hours online with customer service and another 2.5 hours of in store and I am still not close to having a working ip11.

I was told it was escalated to “tier 3 tech support.” Hoping for a resolution soon… 

Re: Swapped Phone Not Working

Some common causes for a delayed activation can be your area if it's <2 bars. Having wifi on during the activation process can also delay an activation.

If that line actively has an activation pending, try doing a network setting reset. For iPhones, that is settings > general > reset > reset network settings.

If it's still not activating, I'd get either a new sim or ask a rep to activate your esim.

Re: Swapped Phone Not Working
Customer Support

Hello, hmchristina. We are very sorry to hear about the issues with activating your iPhone 11 on your son's line of service. Thank you very much for your patience throughout the process of getting this resolved for you so far. We also appreciate you communicating what has been completed and we certainly want to make sure that every option is exhausted in getting this resolved for you and your son. Can you please describe what happens when you attempt to make a call on the iPhone 11 device? -Brett

Re: Swapped Phone Not Working

Thanks Brett-

I’ve spent 7 hours on the phone and 2.5 hours in a corporate location and no Verizon team member can fix the issue. 

I have a great rep on the executive team helping me and I have her contact information. She said the IT team has to fix something on their end for it to work. 

My hands are tied and I have to just wait, I suppose. I was told I have to wait the week out. 

It’s frustrating but I’m appreciative and hopeful they’re going to fix it.