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Verizon appears to be throttling my data for no reason and keeps denying it

For context, I have a play more unlimited plan now, which should mean 25 GB of "premium" 4G LTE data. I'm currently at about 5 GB usage this month.

My data connection slows to between a crawl and a complete halt. It works fine at work before most people show up, then when everyone gets here it almost stops working. This is familiar territory for me when I'm over the limit and get throttled once in a while (oh sorry, we need to call it "deprioritized" these days as if it means something different), but very odd otherwise.

I've been talking to support for 2 days and they just keep telling me nothing is wrong and sending links to my phone to verify that I can't log into because their internet doesn't work and eventually find a way to talk to them so they can brush me off. Anyone experience something like that?

Re: Verizon appears to be throttling my data for no reason and keeps denying it
Sr. Member

That's not what throttling means, people keep abusing that term. A throttle is "permanent" until the cycle starts over. Prioritizing is temporary. The problem with Verizon is overpromising and underdelivering with congestion.

Look at Verizon like a funnel. Add a little bit of sand and it flows freely. Compact it and suddenly it's jammed up. They let their success get to them. With how much the CEO is making, it's a shame congestion is such a big problem for many.