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Frustrated and Hopeless… NO ONE has helped me since day 1!

 I really do believe the whole trade-in your phone and receive 50% off your Fios bill is not a real thing, it’s fake!!! I UNFORTUNATELY have two cell phones lines with Verizon Wireless my first bill was just under $600.00. I spent 10 hours and 3 minutes all together (in two days time) and NOTHING has fixed, the Agents are rude, I was hung up on by a “Senior Agent”, I was hung up on by some kinda Supervisor who spoke to me as if I was a child, with-in one call I was transferred 15 times - 15 TIMES!, Almost every Agent is spoke with has been unprofessional and mean, the Agents can only help you with “you haven’t mailed in your trade-in” “you have a balance on your account, how much of the bill are you planning on paying today?” all though prior to the Agent asking I had already explained why I was calling, calling about my bill, calling because I’d like to know why there are 2 random mysterious cell phone lines on my account, also calling because of the 6-8 activation fees, and all the Agents care about is “you need to mail us your two trade-in phones and make a payment.” I told them “NOPE!” not until my wireless bill is corrected, the two mysterious lines are removed and my Fios bill becomes discounted.  2 months in I received my second Verizon Wireless bill $846.73 I almost fell on the floor, I cried $846.73 for two phone lines, I panicked I don’t have that kind of money in my back pocket, and I came very close I believe to having a heart attack. Now, today present time I am j just reaching 3 months with Verizon Wireless, still NO Fios discount and NOTHING has been fixed!!! I feel defeated, taken advantage of and feel when I call it’s just for the Agents to get a really good laughs (at me for calling aaaagain) and the Agents play the “it is fun leaving MORE NOTES on her account” I have noticed the Agents will ALWAYS leave notes so whenever I call the Agent will read EVERY NOTE made on the account since day 1 (day 1 was a 4 - hour nightmare that turned into a 9 day nightmare) (I did not even receive “here at Verizon we apologize about the 9 day  inconvenience” not even an apology for the port mistake made by a Verizon employee… NOTHING!, than the Agents play the “transferring the call” game. I have spent A LOT of my time calling Verizon 3 months worth calling Verizon between two called OVER 10 hours on the phone all that time I have spent explaining myself to Agent after Agent after Agent and still NOTHING has been fixed, NO ONE has helped with anything. I went from “oh it’ll get fixed” everything is going to be okay to frustrated to angry to crying, to crying full of anxiety, and now it’s beyond anger, it’s beyond crying I just feel defeated and hopeless. I asked for Verizon’s Corporate phone number the Agent questioned me as to why I needed the number than he responded with telling me I don’t need the number to corporate he than ensured me many times he would do everything he could to help me get everything straighten out and all he did was argue with me… he did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING besides for speak to me like I was an child while doing so he ensured me my bill was so outrageously high because of “activation fees” and told me I signed up for “4 lines of service” told e I was breaking the agreement and terms contract I signed now for the BEST PART he left me on hold for over 15 minutes. Verizon’s Agents have been CRUEL to me. Verizon has me beyond disappointed. I’m stuck with this outrageous bill, a 13 mini with no volume, my son has the 13 ad we have no phone service (since Verizon suspended my account), Verizon has sent me another wireless bill. Verizon’s Agents get a good laugh on my behalf, I’m left with nothing oh wait I’m left feeling angry with myself for my horrible decision making, left feeling angry and frustrated for believing the promotion email I received, I’m left feeling more guilt for leaving T-Mobile (I never had any problems), more frustration and tears and if I try to call 611 from my iPhone I get anxiety and start to cry because I know no matter who picks up they don’t care , they won’t help me, and they’ll have a great time speaking to me like I’m a child and I’m a poor person because I don’t have just under $900.00 to pay the 2 months of service bill. Oh and the BEST part yup there is more …my brand new Apple Watch has been collecting dust on my bed side table now 3 months… NO ONE at Verizon HELPS with anything… Verizon wants make people feel less-than, they want those trade-in phones, money, more money, and more money - it is all they want. 

Thank you Verizon for successfully given me so much anxiety I can not call 611 from my iPhone, Thank you Verizon for making me feel defeated, for given me the feeling of guilt to feel EVERY DAY ALL DAY along with hopelessness. ~ Jennifer I now understand what it feels like to feel stuck. 

Re: Frustrated and Hopeless… NO ONE has helped me since day 1!
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Thank you for taking the time to speak with us, here in social media, about your very legitimate concerns today, and please know that we will do our utmost best, using every available resource to get all of your concerns resolved as quickly as possible! Please allow a few minutes for us to come up to speed and read your note to us thoroughly. Also, let's see if we can get your account pulled up so that we can started immediately, okay?


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