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Issue with Mobile + Home rewards

I have been having an ongoing issue for almost 2 months at this point with not being able to sign up for Mobile + Home rewards with my new Fios account. I have been a mobile & Fios customer for a few years and was already receiving the discount. I bought a house and started a new Gigabit Fios plan at the new house, and once my old Fios plan was cancelled at my old house, I have reached out to Verizon several times to be re-enrolled with my new Fios plan. After 6 phone calls with customer service and multiple tickets submitted, the issue remains. My next step is to cancel the internet altogether. I am being charged $89.99/month for gigabit internet currently, even though it is advertised at $64 online as long as you have an unlimited mobile plan, which I do. I was chatting with a Verizon rep on the chat while signing up for the new Fios plan and they ensured me I would still have my $10/month discount on my cell phone bill along with $25/month discount on the Fios plan so I would only have to pay $64 (I have a screenshot of this.) Now when I call, I have been told by 2 different customer service reps that I won't receive the discount on my cell phone bill anymore once this is resolved, it will only be on my Fios bill, which is not what I was told when I signed up. I called customer service last week and said if they couldn't get the issue resolved then I would cancel the Fios service, and she submitted another ticket and ensured me the issue would be corrected by 7/26, which it is not. In the My Verizon app, it still shows my old Fios account number, and when I try to re-register for Mobile + Home rewards, I am receiving the error message "Customer profile not found." I have already deleted and reinstalled the app numerous times. I can't be the first person to switch Fios accounts and want to keep receiving the discount. I wouldn't have signed up for the gigabit internet if I knew I would be charged $89/month. They also told me that I wouldn't receive the discount on the first bill, which isn't stated anywhere online. To top it all off, the gigabit internet speed at home is severely lacking and the speed test on multiple devices shows awful speeds. If Verizon can't figure out the discount issue and give me credits for the previous months that they were taken off due to the technical issue, I will cancel the Fios internet and probably my mobile account as well at this point due to all of this frustration! 

Re: Issue with Mobile + Home rewards

Well, 3 months in to this issue with no discounts and this has finally been resolved. A Verizon Fios rep was finally able to walk me through the steps, not sure why it took so many calls for someone to be able to help me?

In the My Verizon app (NOT the Fios app, the app where you manage your mobile account), click the Account tab in the lower left. Then, click “View or pay your bill.” Under the current bill summary, you will see a sentence that says “You saved (insert amount) in discounts” then a clickable “View details” link. Scroll down under “More ways to save” and you will see a box to click to view Mobile + Home rewards enrollment. The rep was finally able to get my new Fios account linked to my existing mobile account instead of my old Fios account, but the discounts still weren’t showing. I had to go back in and cancel my enrollment for the mobile + home rewards then re-enroll. Somehow, the proper discount still wasn’t showing and the rep still couldn’t help but he was nice enough to give me a small credit (not the full $25 discount for the previous months, though)

I FINALLY went back and re-read the fine print for the Fios 1 Gig internet plan price of  $64.99 and then looked at Verizon’s current unlimited 5G mobile plans, only to realize I had the “5G Start” plan which isn’t in fact eligible for the $25 discount, only the 5G do more, play more, etc. So, I ended up having to upgrade my mobile plan and now pay about $15 more a month just to get the internet discount. I don’t know why Verizon couldn’t piece that together from the start. I also received incorrect information from the Verizon wireless rep when upgrading my mobile plan - she stated that I would receive a 50% discount on ALL Fios internet plans and I even asked “so the 1 Gig internet will be $45 a month?” which she confirmed yes to. Then I looked at the fine print again and realized you only get 50% off Fios internet if you choose the 300 mbps plan and the 1 Gig plan is only a $25 discount instead of $45 like she said. So, in the end I am now paying $25 more a month for my mobile phone plan than originally promised by the customer service rep I was chatting with when I signed up for the new Fios plan who confirmed I would still get the $10 discount on my existing mobile account back then along with the $25 discount on my Fios service. Incorrect information all around.

We are all human, but this has been an absolutely HORRENDOUS customer experience from start to finish. I no longer trust Verizon as a company and will be choosing other companies for internet and phone plans in the future.