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Lost trade in lost

Well this is fun... I traded in two different iPhones back in November to get an $800 credit. All I had to do was mail in my current phones and we should be good to go. Simple right?

Well in January I noticed one my devices was still showing up on the verizon site as "not received" I checked the UPS tracking and it showed it was delivered on  December 13th. I called verizon, spoke with someone who said they show it was received and credits will be applied for $800. I was assured all was well. Plus my January bill provided the expected credits.

Now yesterday (February 2nd), I receive an email saying I've been disqualified. I called verizon, and it's because they never received my phone. I explained the whole story and they are actively trying to figure it out now, but this is complete garbage.

I followed every procedure and rules they needed me to. I shipped my phones in a timely manner, packaged everything safely, and even kept all the tracking numbers, submission IDs, and order numbers, and they still can't figure it out.

I feel like my phone is basically sitting in the corner of the warehouse and now I'm stuck paying for a new phone because someone couldn't pick up the package and process it correctly.

@GD0405 You have to fix this issue, it is not my fault your company could properly receive the package and process it. I'm now stuck paying for a new phone at full price, plus you have the phone I shipped! This is non-sense, I will never recommend a verizon trade in program after this no matter what the price is. I should have gone directly through apple where they approve/deny on the spot and I don't have to deal with this.