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Wi-Fi Calling keeps dropping calls after a few minutes

The issue began occurring 2 months ago.  At the time, my wife and I were using iPhone 11 and 12 Pro.  Verizon cell phone coverage in our neighborhood is very poor, so Wi-Fi Calling has always been the way we make calls from home.  We have had Verizon Wireless for a number of years, and Wi-Fi Calling has never been an issue.  

As our ISP, we use Verizon Fios with 1Gbps speed.  I routinely conduct timeout, ping, and broadband speed checks, and our internet connection is solid.  Though as a precaution, I have rebooted our router a number of times.

3 weeks ago, we've upgraded to iPhone 13 Pro, and I was hoping the issue would be fixed.  However, it has not.  The problem appears to be with Verizon's Wi-Fi calling protocols.  After a few minutes on the call, the other party no longer hears me.  I hear them just fine, but they cannot hear me.  I can hang-up, and call them back, and the issue returns after a few minutes.

I have spoken with Verizon Wireless tech support, and they have opened a ticket.  It's been a few days, and I have not heard back yet. 

These are the steps we've already taken:

- Reset network settings on both iPhones

- Downloaded latest iOS (15.1)

- Rebooted our phones

- Rebooted our home modem


The Wi-Fi signal strength is strong (the router is in our home office, from where we conduct most of our calls).


I really wish someone in Verizon's tech support would escalate this issue.  I am happy to be on the phone with them to try and replicate it, and hopefully they can run a diagnostic test that will reveal where the issue is occurring. 

There seems to be a wide range of topics similar to this on Verizon forums, but none seem to offer any solution.  

Thanks for reading, and if anyone has any tips or comments, I'm all ears! 🙂

Re: Wi-Fi Calling keeps dropping calls after a few minutes

I'm just following-up.  I spoke with Verizon tech support.  They've apparently created a ticket.  Last update I received was a week ago that the ticket was being worked on, and most are resolved in 24-48 hours.  Since then I've received no updates.  No one e-mailed or called back.  It's odd, because we have 6 devices on Verizon Wireless, and this type of neglect is what ultimate drives people to utilize other carriers.  

Dropped Wifi calls

Completely agree. I'm experiencing the same issues with an Samsung s20+ and AT&T ISP (fiber).

Re: Dropped Wifi calls

Was there ever any solution to this problem? I have the same issue.

Re: Dropped Wifi calls
Customer Support

We want this resolved ASAP.  A private message has been sent to assist you further.