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Did not receive iPhone 14 $800 promotion

Recently upgraded my wife's line from an iPhone 11 Pro 64 GB to an iPhone 14 Pro. When I purchased the phone, I did not get a prompt to also trade in her existing device. So when I went back to do a trade-in, she was given only $223 in credit. Separate orders. I didn't think too much of this at the time, but the longer I thought about the more I realized she should have received $800 for the trade-in program, just like I did on my phone line. I think the problem is that since the phone wasn't returned on the same order as the iPhone 14 Pro was purchased, it didn't flag the return for the promotional credit. I called support and spoke to 3 different agents and tried to explain this, but frankly none of them understood my problem or knew what to do to fix this. One told me when I send in the phone it will be "adjusted" and I would get $800 instead of $223, but I don't trust this at all.

Anyone have suggestions or know how to navigate this to fix it and get the additional credit?