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New iPhone 14 Pro Stolen During Shipment

I pre-ordered the new iPhone 14 Pro.  Worked with a representative to include my $300 Verizon gift card along with a trade-in of my current phone due on October 11th.

3 days ago, a UPS driver knocked on my door and handed me what felt like a small, empty cardboard box.  I did not know exactly what it was, as he was walking back to his truck--I asked him if I needed to sign for this.  He said, "No, I got you. I can sign on for you." He seemed like he was in a hurry to depart.  I flip the box over to realize it was cut open, clearly labelled 2 lbs, and it was empty.  I ran back to him telling him this box had been tampered with, explaining that my new phone was supposed to be in here.  He took the box back, he said this has been happening frequently, and assured me that he would work to have the sender send me a new one promptly.  I just stood there dumbfounded, wondering what just happened and what I was supposed to do next.

I quickly contacted UPS and filed a claim online (the one and only way you can apparently) and selected the closest option of what happened, that my item was lost/damaged in transit.  UPS has confirmed that the package was "damaged" and informed me that they would notify the seller, Verizon.

For due diligence, I immediately contacted Verizon to follow up on their end.  After many attempts to get in touch with an agent, I was finally connected via live messaging chat.  I explained that not more than an hour ago I was supposed to receive a new phone which did not arrive.  Tessa told me it showed that my iPhone was successfully delivered and if I was excited to set up my new device.  I politely tried to explain that I did not know exactly what happened to my device and that UPS was investigating currently.  The agent let me know she was also going to escalate this to Verizon's damage department and soon updated me that I would be notified of a replacement phone in 72 hours.

Whoever might be reading this or is willing to assist, I am apprehensive.  Not angry or frustrated, but a little scared.  Every post I have read about this very scenario or similar experiences has ended with no resolution or absolute disappointment.  I do not know where I currently stand in Verizon's system, and I fear I am simply in limbo or unimportant.  I log in to check if the status of my order has been changed, but I am only met with congratulations on my new purchase and being asked what I think of my new fabulous iPhone 14 Pro. 

I had to update my plan to accommodate a new 5G phone, so when I pre-ordered, I rolled in my $300 Verizon gift card (I was saving it for this phone) along with a trade-in of my current phone (the one I am using to post this message) which has a deadline of October 11th.  I do not know what to do.

To the Verizon team members and supervisors who simply want to do the right thing--I am just standing by.  No one who ends up in my position sought this out, they were simply waiting patiently for their phone to arrive.  And then, radio silence.  If there is anyone in Verizon who can pull up my account and see this for what it is, that a phone was lost/stolen on your company's watch due to your preferred shipping method of UPS, and push the "ok" button to send me my replacement phone without having to reestablish my gift card and restart the process of a new phone plan, please.  

I do not plan to leave Verizon, as most people threatened from having experienced this.  I just want to know if anyone cares out there and is willing to correct this.  That is all.

To whoever reads this and might know, is anyone able to tell me what happens next, at the very least? Am I just out a new phone and all the money invested in pre-ordering?