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3 Issues - Getting annoyed with 4s

Anyone having these issues. 


1) The circle icon rather than the 3G symbol next to the bars.  Happens all the time and I'm in a good coverage area. 

2) Searching for coverage and then comes up with No Service.  I landed in both Denver and Boston and turned on the phone and got No Service while people with AT&T went right to 3G.  Now I know the coverage with Verizon is better in both areas.

3) This just happened this morning.  Phone showed that is was fully charged but only read 93%.  Had been on the charger overnight.


I did the lastest OTA update but getting annoyed.


Any help would be appreciated.



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Re: 3 Issues - Getting annoyed with 4s

Your 3G issue might be related to the issue that was going on before the 4S was released...there is a 50+ page thread on it. For the most part though it seems that iOS 5 "fixed" the problem for most. Try the usual (reset/restart/restore) to see if it helps. Also, try calling *228 and choosing option 2, especially after traveling to a different area so that the PRL can update. This may or may not help but it is one of the first things that tech support at VZW will attempt to do in order to fix things. I assume that you updated to the latest iOS update (5.0.1) and have the carrier update 11.2 (I assume that's what you meant by the latest OTA update?)...if not update to the latest iOS update and see if that helps. You haven't mentioned if you have contacted VZW at all to see what the issue may frustrating as contacting VZW may be you really need to do so if none of the above resolves the issue so that you can have a record of attempting to have tech support done. If you can, you might prefer to go to a local VZW store rather than call in. You can also try visiting an Apple store if one is available to see if they can offer any help or determine if there is an issue with the device, but if the problem is a VZW issue then Apple won't be able to do much.