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4S Carrier settings got switched-

I have a Verizon 4S. I backed up everything and did a fresh restore. I backed up my aunts iphone 4 and was going to give her my 4S. When I tried to restore the 4S with the settings and info from the 4, my carrier settings got completely jacked up. The phone now acts like it is and says its on Sprint 13.0... This is not the first time it's happened. First time was when 6.0 came out and i backed up for an update and pow. Did it. So my question is, What do I have to do in order to get my 4S working again? Do I need to use my year manufacturer warranty and get it replaced?

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Re: 4S Carrier settings got switched-
Customer Support

Hi nocarehere!

What an odd situation. Good thing we're all about turning those around here. So, let's jump right into the deep end and work together on fixing this up.

Of course, in order to fully understand this situation and get you some proper information, I do have to ask if your iPhone 4S had ever once been on the Sprint network? In the meantime, I would try seeing if you can plug your iPhone into iTunes and potentially look into completing a software update if available. Try settings > general > software update. Also, attempt dialing *228, option 1, and then restarting your phone. I hope this helps and I look forward to hearing back to proceed further if necessary.

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