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4s have a sd card slot

I currently have droid X and want to upgrade to the 4s.  I still have another month untilI am eligible for upgrade. I spoke to a rep who states I can upgrade now getting the 16 gig but not the 32 gig. Apparently Apple has restricted the 32 and 64 gig declaring them 'iconic' phones. I was thinking to get the higher gig phone.  With all the programs I use, I did not want to have a slow working phone. I was reading through some of the post that mentions the 4S now has an sd-card slot.  Is this correct? Using this combination would my phone still be slow or would I be able to put a lot of my music, videos, and pictures on the sd-card.

Your help and comments much appreciated,


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Re: 4s have a sd card slot

d_tad, sorry to burst your bubble, but the 4S DOES NOT have an SD card slot.  there is no additional on-board storage slot of any type (that's the case for all iOS devices).  so, if you want to add alot of files (music, pix, etc.), I'd strongly suggest getting a 4S with the largest capacity to handle all what you want on the device plus allow ALOT of extra space for adding Apps, etc.

I have a 32gb 4S and still have alot of storage left even with nearly 500 songs, nearly 115 photos, 33 Apps, a book and magazines.  Of the 32gb I still have 23gb free

As far as slowness concerns you may have with adding alot into the device's storage I think you will find it will operate smoothly regardless of how "full" it is.  The 4S has a dual-core processor and handles operations quite fast and smooth.

Re: 4s have a sd card slot
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It has a sim card slot. Do u plan to have lots of music and pics movies etc on ur phone? As well there is additional 5 gig on iCloud. Iconic u just can't bill to account to get it.