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625-0 messages

I just switched over from a Droid to a 4s. Now I'm getting texts from 625-0 saying VZWNM:x the X being a number. It corresponds when I get an email. So the phone goes off with that text message, then my phone goes off a few seconds later and indicates that I have a new email. Is there any way to stop getting the text message? 

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Re: 625-0 messages
Re: 625-0 messages

I have been dealing with the same issue for the past few days since I got the Iphone5. Tech people can't figure it out, so I investigated for a few hours and THINK i found the issue.  Login to your Verizon account and go to "My Verizon", then "My Device" and then "Back up my contacts".  Your Backup Assistant will show up with all your contacts info.  Go to "actions" and export that list to Excel and save that onto your computer. You need to delete ALL contacts in your backup assistant on Verizon's site.  After you have done this, while ALL contacts are checked/selected, go to delete, and then empty trash.  When I did, I immediately got a text from another code 620-0 with a weird message, but it was a message and not blank like the ones from 625-0 VZWNMN:#.  I haven't figured out what that code means yet, but I haven't got any text from any weird number since.  You also want to be sure that under your "Plans and Services" that all backup assistant choices are not added.  Hope that helps.

Re: 625-0 messages
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The iPhone 4S is a really cool device, and I want you to enjoy every bit of it!  Let's see what we can do to stop those unwanted messages.  Please follow me and send me a direct message with your name and wireless number so I can further assist.  Thanks!

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