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A few questions....PLEASE HELP!!!

Okay so I have a few questions.

My first one is: My earpiece on my iphone 4 is not working when i make a call. It only works if my phone is on speaker.....I have tried restarting it and I have checked all of my settings, nothing is off and restarting isnt can i fix this??

My second question is: The contract that I am currently on ends in March of 2014 which is 8 months from now. I am wanting to remove myself from my current contract and upgrade, as well as be on my own. Is there any way I can do that without any penalties? I know about early upgrade & I know about being able to just move my line to a different name but I dont want to do that. Would this be able to fall under "early upgrade"???? Or will there be a cancellation fee on my line?

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Re: A few questions....PLEASE HELP!!!
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

You can put your line on your own account by doin an assumption of liability. If you have no credit history, you may have to provide a security deposit of up to $400, though. You will not be able to upgrade until March of 2014.

If you cancel your line and go of on your own right now, the owner of your current account would have a $200 ETF.

Re: A few questions....PLEASE HELP!!!
Customer Support


And I've got a few answers. First, regarding your earpiece, typically when it only works via speaker phone we do want to jump right into a hard reset . Please backup your information first via iTunes, process the reset, test, and then reload your apps/info. If that doesn't help, we'll want to take a look at your replacement options. Regarding your second question, as advised by a fellow poster, you can process an assumption of liability . However, you will still be binded by your contract with no early upgrade available and termination fees applicable. May I ask why you're looking to upgrade now?


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