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Accessories for Iphone 4s

I'm getting 4S phone upgrade this week and need to order a car charger.  What kind of cord comes with the 4S to charge it.  Does it have a USB plug on one end?  Any recommendations? Thanks,

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Re: Accessories for Iphone 4s
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Go to the apple store nearest you and bring the phone and they will carry the exact one you will need.

At the auto dealership I buy my cars from I bought the car adaptor for both our android phones and iphone. But they charge much more. The replacement one I bought for my new car came from the Apple store. it functions perfectly. and use the store locator feature or you can order it on line.

Good Luck

Re: Accessories for Iphone 4s
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Actually i seen some Nice accessories at Walmart you give them a Look.!  b33

Re: Accessories for Iphone 4s
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Actually its better to use Apple accessories on Apple devices.

I noted he asked about the connection. There is a non usb type and a usb type or a dual mode connection. I use the dual mode one. I think it cost me $40 but it works great.

Additionally for the iphone this poster needs it has a totally different connector than what I use.

Cannot go wrong with Apple Store but Walmart would have to charge the same price for Apple accessory since they have no price break per Apple agreement. And I don't think I would take a chance with a possible knock off part.