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Activating a used i-phone

I want to buy a used iphone 4s from a friend, but am not sure how I can activate it. The phone was originally purchased through verizon, so can I just dial *228 to activate it? Additionally, the phone I am currently using is not a smartphone and therefore I do not have a data plan. Will it still allow me to activate the phone and just automatically add a data plan to my current plan, or do I need to add a data plan before activating the phone? If so, what data plan do I need for an iphone 4s?

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Re: Activating a used i-phone
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

See if this helps:

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You should be prompted during the activation process to add a data package to your plan; unless you have an older calling plan, you should be able to add a tiered data plan, i.e., $30 for 2 GB.